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byDreambringer, July 4, 2012
This was probably one of a dozen or so apps that I was excited about and was very interested in paying for it. I had seen it demo'ed on another site and thought it looked AMAZING, even on their demo site. So I break out my CC and proceed to pay, again very excited to order this product.

I get my registration email and get into the support area and download the most up-to-date version only to find that what they are running on the demo is not their most recent version. After doing a little digging, their Event List has a huge change between v1 and v2. Where you get the fancy icons with the dates, is no longer in v2, and reading though the support forums the answer is a basic, we did it this way, we might switch it back, but deal with it.

Okay I thought, so I just paid for a version that is not even the most current, I can deal with that because 1.0.19 still had all the great stuff that I wanted and I will be fine.

So where is where my customer experience with this company took a turn into the dumps.

First let me start off by saying yes, ultimately it is my fault for not keeping redundant back ups of my downloaded components, but still...

So I had a catastrophic failure on my server and lost everything. After rebuilding and contacting all the other software vendors I had purchased a comp/mod from I go back to my email with the download link from Ohanah. " (Not Available)" Interesting, okay, must be because my 3 month subscription expired, well the site says I can still use it, even after it expires, so I will just email support and get another link.

No dice.

The jist of the email was:
"This means that if you want to have access to support and updates again you need to rebuy a subscription plan."

So in other words, since I lost my copies of the software, the only way I can get another copy is to buy it again.

I have never had a software company tell me if I want another copy of the software that I paid for that I would have to pay for it again.

I think this business is broken, and their support refuses to help, so either I have to find another comp/mod or fork over another check for the subscription.

My advise, as long as you don't need support this has to be one of the best Events extensions there is, but don't expect them to treat paying customers any different than non...
Owner's reply

Hello J.
As written directly to you via mail, there has been a misunderstanding and a technical problem that caused your disappointment.

Your access to the software and support (what you paid for) has been personally reactivated by Nick right after and also special access to the latest version has been granted to you as a sign of concern from our side :-)