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byDrey, June 3, 2013
Spider Catalog
Ok i tried this component for J!3.0 and had some issues.
1) ordering of products. it goes through all of them, not separetely in every category. If youll try to set an order 5 for product, and another one already have it, there will be smth wrong. I gues that the new product will get the last free orderin number.
2) again ordering - you cant set an order for products starting for example from 50, or 99. The allways will start from 1, even changing it from DB directly dont make any result, because script is "optimysing" ordering to start allways from 1.
3)have strong JS conflict with jQuery, cant make it work with sigplus or smartTB. This component have some strange php\js file, in it i suppose goes some kind of ovverriding of js functions. So other extensions for image zooming dont work with it.

So i cant really recomend to buy it, untill js conflict will be solved. sorry.