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byDubStudio, October 27, 2011
Emails for VirtueMart
I use VM for my audio mastering business, which is a fairly complex process - not like buying a fluffy toy online. I need a solution to update the client as the project progresses, with customized information at each stage*. And this component smacks that task to the floor!

(* What it doesn't say in the blurb is that you can include the order status "description" in the status update emails, and as you can create your own "statuses" in VM, it essentially means you can create your own progress tracker. In my case, it means I can let people know they have placed and order, and that the order is completed etc in the normal way, but I can also add a new status update for each stage of the process. Like for example, the audio has been checked, the work has been completed, the master is ready to download. etc etc. And, each time, the client receives a nice-looking email that inspires total confidence in the studio.)

Not only that, it looks like its integrated with some other really cool stuff that I don't have time to check out right now, but I will do soon!

Big up to the InteraMind team, you rock!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this great review. It is highly appreciated.

byDubStudio, October 7, 2010
AJAX Register
Ah... hear that? That is the sound of no spam registrations buzzing into your inbox. This was the easiest thing I have ever installed. Worked straight away and is so seamless I didn't even realise it was there until I did a dummy registration, and then the cool workings of Ajax Register became apparent. I love watching those little ticks appear, and I am sure it gives my clients the utmost confidence in my website when they register. Its a first class registration utility!
byDubStudio, September 9, 2009
Totally awesome extension. Easy to install and within minutes I had customized it to fit my requirements - I wanted a message system for admins to contact users and vice versa for support and notifications, but not allow users to contact other users. Easy, just disable the userlist and its sorted. I give it 5 stars because it really deserves it, and more.