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byDylan1968, November 27, 2006
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Community Builder
It's the best. Mix it with AEC for (free|paid) (time-limited|lifetime) memberships and JACLPlus for controlling who gets to do what. And use CB to tie it all together

And basically, you've got the very core of what you need for any Dotcommunity or Dotcompany. Whether you need e-store, forums, classifieds, yellow pages, blogs, photo album, pm, newsletter ... whether you need any or all (yes: all) of the above in any combination, any advanced usr mgmnt scheme starts with the very best winning team .. which, I'll say it again, say it out loud: CB + AEC + JACLPlus !!

So dearest and most valued (CB|AEC|JACLPlus) devs? Any chance on the three of you enjoying a close encounter of the pleasant and productive kind sometime? I would love to see you get together and can only imagine what you could accomplish. Probably something far more exciting than my wildest dreams I guess.

For now you leave me gasping, trying to get my breath back. Exhausted by the passion and still wanting more. Thank you thank you thank you.

Fare (meaning: Sail) Well, Greets, Dylan
(note: naturally posted this review at the other two extensions as well)

Se dearest and most valued dev's? Any chance of you three getting together for some close encounters of the sweet and productive kind?