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byEIanetti, November 7, 2009
Dmod Module Manager
I have built many Joomla websites and often the standard format of an article in the middle of your home page isn't quite what you want. Dmod gives you the complete flexibility of using virtually any module in the Joomla universe as the center piece of your front page. I particularly like it for the Gavick modules and together they work perfectly.
byEIanetti, June 18, 2009
Newsletter Subscriber
I have used the other newsletter components and modules and they offer a lot if you need it. But for my latest project, I just wanted something that would collect email addresses on a landing page before sending pay per click prospects on to my products page. This fit the job perfectly, installed in seconds and was configured just as quickly. Couldn't be better for building a database of email addresses.
byEIanetti, April 13, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I am developing a site that calls for a lot of FAQs - How does it work? Who are you? Why should I choose you?. . . It was tedious for any user to wade through the contents. I stumbled on MooFAQs and decided to give it a try. I downloaded it, installed it, and had it configured and running in less than 5 minutes. And, it did exactly what the demo demonstrates - refreshing to say the least.

It installed so quickly, that I had time on my hands to go tinkering with the code. I wasn't able to get what I wanted so I emailed the developer on a Friday afternoon that started a 3 day holiday. On Sunday, the developer was in touch apologizing for the delay and telling me what to do. You can't ask for better than that.

If you want a nice way to display your FAQs give this one a try.
byEIanetti, April 9, 2009
We set this up on our site and it worked instantly. What's unique about this is it provides not just quotes, like a ticker, but a full compliment of stock data from Yahoo include charts with a variety of technical indicators. We run an investing site and this allows us to compete with other sites that have their own data and analysis feeds. Five stars!
byEIanetti, January 21, 2009
2J News Slider
This is a great module. Like their tabs module it does what they say it will do and does what the demo actually demonstrates.

As I said with the Tans module. I had a minor problem related to my template. When I contacted these guys they responded quickly with an offer to make the necessary modifications for me. I gave 'em my FTP and Backend info and viola' it was done.
byEIanetti, January 21, 2009
2J Tabs
How many times have you downloaded a module, visited the provider's forum to figur eout how to format your module like the demo, only read dozens of posts that are titled: How to format like the demo?
This module does what it's developers say it does and looks like the demos on their site.

Best of all I had a minor glitch related to my template. These guys responded quickly. They already knew what the problem was. The asked for my FTP and Bankend info and modified the module to match the template issue. What more could you ask?