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byEOLGeorge, October 9, 2009
AutoTweet NG
This is an awesome plugin that installs in no time and works first try.

The only shortcoming (at least for me) is that as stated it will not post an article to Twitter that is post dated.

I routinely will enter a months worth of articles to be auto posted about every 3 days. Unfortunately after a test they don’t get added to the Twitter feed.

I also tried compositing an article but not publishing it, and then a while later I published it manually, and it still did not post to Twitter.

I’m not sure why the plugin can’t or has been designed not to publish post dated postings but it sure would make my life easier.

Regardless it is a fabulous plug in, Thanks
Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for the review!

It is not possible to get an info from Joomla when an article with present date is posted later by the system. So the plugin can't do this - sorry.

At the moment I work on AutoTweet NG (next generation). This version has a component and logs the articles. So with this new version it is possible to post automatically posts with present dates.

I will release a first version of AutoTweet NG end of october.

best regards

Include Content Item
First, thanks for a great plug in. Installs simply and works out of the box. Thanks to the creator.

One problem with it is it doesn’t check to see if the content item it is inserting has been published yet or if it is still published, a pretty basic requirement.

In fact if you use it to insert content into a content item it can be very difficult to figure out how to get rid of that content item, short of deleting the include code on every page you put it on, which kind of diminishes the usefulness of the program. (to casual users like me who don’t know the intricate working of all things Joomla).

While testing (I know enough to do that before using on a live site) I had no problem getting the include to work. I set the item to expire, but after the expirations date it was still there. Figured it might be a cache issue but eliminated that. I tried to archive the item but it still was included. I deleted the item from the section but the little bugger still would not take the hint and just disappear, even after again ruling out Joomla and browser cache issues. Finally I remembered a tip from another program I had issues with, where you had to go as far as to delete the item from the Trash to get rid of it and yes that did work, at last, after a day of tinkering around.

The creator has explained their understandable reluctance to perform this and other modifications to the program (if you have kids the “if you give a mouse a cookie” story comes to mind) but I believe this is one modification that would increase the usability of the plugin considerably.

Again thanks to the creator, please reconsider making this one modification. (or some other PHP wiz please do and post it here.)
Owner's reply

Hi George,

Thanks for your feedback.

In the latest version of the plugin, the article will only be included if it is published. If you unpublish the included article, the article will NOT be displayed.