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byEagleC, July 24, 2010
Because of all the responses here I've tried the installation as well. And I am personally not happy to say the least.
First the install doesn't work. Seems you needed another component as well.
After reinstalling I found that there was an error: it's unable to load some diskcache file.
I uninstalled and came to some shocking conclusions:
The installation forces 2 entries in the main menu(!)
The uninstallation is very buggy: the plugin is not removed neither is the module setting.
Althought product works fine for others, it failed for me (running J1.5.18).

Owner's reply

I am sorry you had problems. In tests and for most users, the install does work. There is no pre-requisite component. The installation creates a menu entry in order to get people up and running as easily as possible - I know from experience that not every user is clear that a component will need a menu entry if it is to be accessed. It is easy to delete the entry or change it. The uninstall is not buggy, it does not remove related plugins and modules by design - please see,view/id,16782/. Glossary is supported by both a forum and a trouble ticket system; if you experienced problems, I do not know why you did not make use of them.