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byEan1985, April 24, 2014
Unite Responsive Tile Gallery
This extension does exactly what it says - a responsive gallery with a great layout and simple to use upload facility.

I contacted their support about a file upload size I was hitting (I wanted to upload some very hi-res photos that were over 8mb) and they contacted me within 20 minutes explaining why they limited the filesize and attaching a patch to increase the limit.

Couldn't be happier with the service I received and would recommend to everyone.
Easy Frontend SEO
I've just managed to install, setup and use this extension for what I wanted in 15 minutes. I spent 45 minutes searching a solution to allow me to edit the meta data for certain component pages (the answer - you can't!). This extension solved my problem and has blown me away in the process - I can't believe how simple this is when it's so complicated to achieve within components own config area. I agree with other reviewers that the ability to edit the h1 tags on a page would be the cherry on top of the cake.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

If you wish more features, then please contact me via the contact form with a detailed description! Thank you.

byEan1985, October 21, 2011
Certainly one of the best extensions available for Joomla, it's easy to install and can be as simple or as complicated to use as you want it to be. Even the quickmode allows you to do some very powerful things. I have the form running on several sites, even as a search element on one site. Any support queries I have had have been answered quickly and by experts who know their product inside out.

I seriously can't fault the product or the developers. I wish there were more developers as fantastic as these guys.
byEan1985, October 11, 2010
This is a fantastic component, I'd tried several calendar and events components before and this one just worked. Installed, configured and it was up and running straight away.

I had a rather specific function request, discussed it with the developers on the free forum where they gave me help and then when I upgraded to being a club member they made the edits for me, I'm genuinely gobsmacked at such fantastic support.

I'm currently trying to wedge JEvents it into every site I build because it's such a joy to use. Easily the best calendar and events component out there.