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byEarthwalker, June 2, 2012
Multi Sites
With this extension Joomla's rich features become so much more possible.
It works out of the box, obviously when you follow Edwin's recommendations and instructions.
I am a commercial user, I have no idea when it comes to coding but I have put a multi structured site together. Thanks to JMS Multisites. I have been experimenting with Joomla for a while now.
But I ran into a problem that could not be solved by me or a 3rd party developer.
Then I realized I needed Edwin's help because the problem was manifesting on a slave site.
At first he helped me via the forum as much as what he could. It became technical and I knew I needed paid support.
We started at a certain hour with Skype and Teamviewer, it was amazing. He scanned everything with the most advanced skill, knowledge and software. We went way over the time, 4.5 hours, not once taking a break.
Edwin had an appointment he was running late for. He persisted to correct the problem even after we discovered it was never a JMS problem but another component.
I have so much respect for him and his component. JMS
Thank you very much Edwin.
When anybody wants to extend Joomla beyond its borders this is the extension to have.
Anyone may skype me for a reference and also if you want to find out more about this extension, from a layman.
Tiaan Viljoen