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Eclipse Media

byEclipse Media, July 15, 2014
While I am excited to see the potential of what Seblod can do for a CCK solution. Its a very buggy and temperamental component and poor use of Ajax technology.
Just opening a exiting list or content type can completely reset your template layout making it very nerve racking when updating a clients site. Default template layout is very buggy with eratic displays for list view on front end. These issues have been well expressed to the developers yet there is so far no 100% fix, usually just workarounds.
byEclipse Media, July 15, 2014
Event Gallery
If you want a nice modern, non complicated component that supports multiple categories and the ability to display a categories page, then Event Gallery is the answer. Amazing and quick support.

My only wishlist items would include, more styling options (shadow, radias) without modding the core CSS, ability to set lightbox large photo size, and to have a progressive uploader for large images and not relying on php limits.
byEclipse Media, December 2, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
This is a must have for any joomla user with many modules. The problem with the core module positioning in joomla is you can only assign modules based on Menu items. Thats no good if you have many articles and components not attached to a menu item. This plugin fixes that and more.
byEclipse Media, December 2, 2013
We have had the wonderful experience using and watching this extension grow since the early days of 1.0 :) Quick service on top of that makes it a great product to add to your joomla site.