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byEdGibson, September 11, 2014
Minitek FAQ Book Pro
I've used this extension for several years. I doubt that it needs much "support" as it is straight forward and easy to use, but when needed (even for user ignorance - like mine) the developer is quick to respond. The solution was above and beyond what was expected.
byEdGibson, August 5, 2014
Grand Gallery
After waiting for another gallery component I've been happy with to become Joomla 3.x compatible, I finally decided to go with something different. Though pricey, this component looked to have all the options needed, and some "above and beyond" features, BUT, I find it odd that they choose to place lightbox capability in the categories yet NOT when viewing the main image. Clicking on the main image advances to the next image. Needed is the ability to click on the image and have it open (in lightbox) full browser. Writing to support did not get a satisfactory answer. Though quick to respond they wrote back instructions for adjusting the size of the existing lightbox.
byEdGibson, December 30, 2013
Fixed Vertical Feedback button
Started using this extension with J1.5. It's always worked well and been easy to use. Today I purchased an upgrade to the J3.2 compatible version. I
needed support (due to my own mistake) and "Codeboxr" went "above and beyond" to get me on track. The new version and support - Excellent!
byEdGibson, April 9, 2012
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Mosets Tree
I've been using Mosets Tree over the past several years. Often when everything is working it gets taken for granted.

The times (very few) I've needed support it's been very timely and professional - AND as best I can remember the issues have involved other 3rd party software!

That was the case today, and even though I explained to Lee that my troubleshooting had eliminated Mosets Tree as the cause of the problem, he still took the time to help me find a solution!

Great component & service (on the rare occasion its needed).
byEdGibson, March 14, 2012
JEasy File Sale
I'm using Joomla 2.5.2 and a RocketTheme template.

JEasy File Sale installation was a breeze and the combination of plugins and modules offers great flexibility for handling file sales/downloads.

I had one file I wanted to present as a free download (trial version) to registered users, and another (retail version) for sale (via PayPal).

JEasy File Sale easily does exactly what I wanted, and in setting it up I see a wide range of possibilities!

It doesn't appear to be a file "directory" sales system, but instead offers file sales within desired content (plugin) and/or module locations. It even includes a plugin which adds a button to the editor for easy insertion of file sales into content.

Though the developer may change things in the future, when I obtained the files the main system was non-commercial and I paid a small fee (under $10 USD) for the PayPal plugin.

byEdGibson, October 4, 2011
B2 Portfolio
It's a very good start. I'm using the component with Joomla 1.7.1 and it operates as expected.

Simple to use!

I had a minor glitch with my database setup and was immediately given some of the best support I've experienced in the Joomla community - EXCELLENT!

I agree with a previous review - some menu options for linking to categories (or even the main component) are needed. Currently it appears (I could be wrong) that the only way to create a menu link is to create an "external link" to the component. This can also be done for any categories created. Change your category name and you have to go back and manually change the menu link - a bit "kludgy". Once the menu portion gets added my rating would go to "Excellent - 5 stars".

The other additional features the developer intends to add sound great! - looking forward to them.

Would also like to see the ability to turn off the category section. Would be nice to link directly to a category and have the choice to not display category list.
byEdGibson, September 1, 2011
The component is GOOD, the support is EXCELLENT! Sometimes I'm cautious of reviews where people keep talking about how great the support is. A good component shouldn't need a lot of support. The YooRock support team has been fielding feature requests and issues due to my template choice with extraordinary professionalism. I have no doubt I made the right choice in purchasing this component, and that it will quickly become "Excellent".
byEdGibson, July 22, 2011
I've been happily using the J1.5.x version for quite a while. I just installed a J1.7.0 site and had a glitch arise with the J1.6 compatible version of JEFAQ PRO. Within 15 minutes I had a fix (supplied by the developer) in place! Well worth the price!!
I've purchased and used two other "top rated" blog extensions. One has become a bit "dated" without updates, and the other clutters the screen with so many extras, that the blog content gets lost. I was seeking something that would display within my templates more "seamlessly" without a lot of fiddling. This is EXACTLY what I was seeking. At $8 (US) I almost felt guilty asking for some minor support, which Ross provided IMMEDIATELY and PROFESSIONALLY. In addition to the typical blog modules - Two things I was excited to find... use of whatever editor is configured in Joomla (JCE!) and use of 3rd party plugins within the component.
byEdGibson, July 31, 2010
EZ Realty
I've tried several of the Real Estate extensions available for Joomla. Regrettably I got sidetracked (along with my money) by another "commercial" extension before my frustration led me to try something else - EZ Realty is by far the BEST choice! Everything I needed was available in the MANY configuration options. The developer has taken a lot of care to make sure EZ Realty has the flexibility to work in a variety of markets. In the few areas where I "just don't get it" the support has been FANTASTIC!