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byElectronicCarpenter, April 5, 2014
If your on a shared server... and your site gets a brute attack... your account will be suspended... your site will go off line... and until you add an .htaccess file with ip allow/disallow or a better solution is adding this plugin on top of the allow/disallow...

Works excellent... if you get locked out... no worries easily fixed. Works great with the new two factor authentication in Joomla.

Hopefully, these measures will stop the nonsense.
byElectronicCarpenter, November 19, 2012
XCloner-Backup and Restore
People who write reviews are either extremely happy or extremely angry.

I was waiting for a very long time for the release of Joomla1.6 That is when I began to learn the new Joomla system and have loved every upgrade, Now I am using Joomla2.5

I tried the Akebee solution and was extremely dissatisfied with the performance. I wanted a tool to move my site from server to server or local development to live server quickly and effortlessly.

This tool works great! by the time I have written this article my site has moved from my local development server to the live site.

It will take me less than 15 mins to overwrite the site with my updates.

The cron feature gives me peace of mind as I automatically generate a back up of the site every 3 days.

if your a newbee this is the extension for you.

if your tester alpha or beta this is a great quick way to take a snap shot of your site before adding a questionable component, plugin or module.
byElectronicCarpenter, April 28, 2012
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Virtual Domains
I have been playing around with Joomla for some time, but I finally choose to make a production site. While I ma doing this others are interested in having websites also. The problem with this? I do not want to maintain sites with little or no content on them, when they really only need a category or two.

Solution... this extension... being seo minded I am concerned about duplicate content but with the proper layouts, and menu selections I can isolate the content so that it is not accessible b other sites.

I am going to be installing other software now and if we get a corruption then we will look into this.

What needs improved?
conical urls need to be improved. The issue is the main site uses the .htaccess to resolve this but it does not work with other domains.

You can also login to admin panel with username and password on all doamins. Joomla sees it as an additional admin online..

I am going to install virtuemart, hope that is compatible.

I am very satisfied with the component thus far.

This is a brand new install of 2.5.4 Joomla and some free templates. I am sure some other issues will arise, but we shall see.

Well Done!