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byElidan, September 20, 2012
I have used Docman for a number of years now. First I used the old free edition and have since payed for the newer 1.6.6 edition which is well worth the money.

It is easy to use from both the front end of the site and the backend too.

I had an issue recently which I asked the developers about and they were very quick to help out and resolve the issue (which was actually a problem with the joomla folders and not the extension)

Highly recommend
byElidan, April 11, 2012
Glassy Menu
I was very impressed with this module.

It is simple and easy to use, however I only gave it 4 stars as it could use a few tweeks to make it excellent.

The items appear at the side of the screen which is nice, it would be great if you could choose at the side of the template sheet also, as bigger screens show the module way off to the side.

It would be useful to be able to choose not hide the buttons or allow them to stay out for longer then they do.

Another thing which would be very handy would be the option to use a current menu without having to write a whole new one.

the look and feel of the module are great though Well Done.