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byElvar, October 29, 2011
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Wow... I am not very urge to even install these kind of 'tools' on the sites - but once I came upon problems with the languages on Joomla 1.7 I decided to use it.

And thankfully I did. Since it is really amazing job what it does - completely organized and error reported language structure for the whole site.. Finnally I saw where I had 'old' ini files and why they did not worked.. Thanks
byElvar, February 7, 2011
Modules Anywhere
I lost 3 days trying to solve showing loadposition modules in tehe xhtml tabs to GK component.

Finnaly I ran to this one...
byElvar, August 24, 2009
Profile Completeness for CB

Now I am not having only the profile completeness system for the CB but I have the good start to add and adjust the AUP rules for the 100% of profile.

To do that you should expand the list of approved column data types from CB (in the cbfield.php file). Then select all the cb fields in the module conf and in the mod_procomplete.php add the AUP rule for adding points if PERC = 100%...

Great and thanks!
byElvar, July 15, 2009
I track this points system since I started Joomla sites and recently I decided to integrate it.
I made a good choice!
System is so easy with powerful options from start. If you need any modifications and integration with other components it is so easy to implement (you just use standard AUP code where you want to put it and that's it).

Now I can play with my community as long as I want to - and it brings me back to the old times of fun and gaming :)
byElvar, May 25, 2009
Great and at last extension like this.
It is simple but effective to make your interaction in the same way as I already does with the Acaajom newsletter!