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byElvis_rj, October 2, 2014
If you plan to create a page with modules and video, this extension is great. I suggest though that you make the content component available to drag and drop as well. Then, it would be a great way to create alternative layouts.
byElvis_rj, June 20, 2012
HOT Newsflash
Although it says it's 2.5 compatible, I installed it to give it a try. It seemed OK until I opened the module to edit. The parameters were not visible. So far it's useless to Joomla 2.5. Hope you guys fix this soon. Looks like a good extension.
Owner's reply

You obviously installed version for Joomla 1.5 into Joomla 2.5. Please download and install an appropriate version of the module.

byElvis_rj, February 29, 2012
I just gave it a try with J 2.5 and it worked like a charm!! Thank you for the great plugin!!