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byEmanuelUSA, September 20, 2014
What i like about it most is that it is really simple to use! It does everything that it says it will do! Im installing it on EVERY site I manage.

byEmanuelUSA, August 9, 2013
We were in the midst of creating an extremely complicated website. I sent out a general email asking for help and Heiner responded himself! I explaing the problem and gave him the BE access. He installed the extension and sample data for us in our envoronment and made it all work just right!

Now that is excellent support. Invest in this extension and just pay for the download, it has other excellent features, but best of all Heiner REALLY supports this product!!
byEmanuelUSA, July 31, 2013
So Flexicontent is SUPER powerful! waaaay more than my simplistic knowledge was able to manage, but much to my surprise, I opened tickets on the support forum, and ggppdk, a Flexi Core Developer, not only responded quickly, but provide so much support and assistance, even at point, restoring a corrupted file for us, that there is no reason to use any other solution. This Extension is super powerful (way more than K2) and with this level of support, you can make it do and integrate with 99% of the other extensions out there. So much so infact, that I sent a email to the 2J development team abpout how to integrate their gallery with Flexi, even though their own dev team told me that it could not done.

Like I said at teh beginning this extension is SUPER powerful and the support is Super Fantastic!! You simply cannot go wrong with this choice.