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Empire Web Designs

byEmpire Web Designs, September 23, 2013
Sobipro Radius Search Application
This extension is proving to be an invaluable plugin to Sobi. We had a small issue with our setup, and the developer took the time to work out what was wrong and delivered an amended version in a very short time.

Very impressed!
byEmpire Web Designs, August 7, 2013
I had used Sobi2 on J1.5 a few years ago and was impressed at the time at its power and flexibility. But now using SobiPro on J2.5 I am even more impressed!

Yes it takes some getting to grips with, but spend the time you won't be disappointed. We have just had an issue resolved in around an hour!
byEmpire Web Designs, April 29, 2013
Anything Sandy Grid
While redeveloping our own website I went looking for an extension which could showcase our work in a different but yet professional looking way. This extension leapt out at me!

Easy to install. Easy to configure. Great end results.

Very happy customer, and I am now off to see what other extensions they have for me!!
byEmpire Web Designs, March 28, 2012
Real Preview for Joomla
Having got tired of the numerous requests for un-delete button from my clients, I went looking for a version control system. There appears to be only 1, but fortunately it works perfectly!

The demo site made it crystal clear what I was getting, and a painless install later it was up and running in 1 of my websites. I will have to find the time to install it into each of my sites as it is a huge time saver.

Not only that, but support is fast and friendly.

I am just amazed that this is not yet in the Joomla core.

Nice work!
byEmpire Web Designs, February 7, 2012
Slide Tweet
I haven't written many reviews (I know I should write MANY more!) but this extension really deserves my praise.

First off it was easy to implement.

Second it was easy to configure.

Thirdly when I had a small problem with it, the author responded within 15 minutes and solved the issue. It actually wasn't his fault at all, but my lack of understanding about the Twitter API.

Top marks!!!
byEmpire Web Designs, May 6, 2011
DT Register
I first decided to purchase DT Register a couple of months ago when building a site for a client with pretty exact requirements for a booking form. Everything else I looked at came close to offering the full package but fell down on 1 or 2 crucial areas.

DT Register is so flexible that it manages to funnel people into the correct pot for their booking (using the unique conditional fields), and also prevent overbooking on a micro scale.

Yes it has some quirks, but a bit of thinking outside the box usually means that it can cope with anything thrown at it. And coupled with developers who suggest alternative ways of achieving your goal, the end results are fantastic.

I had 1 or 2 small issues with support response times, but the way they came through and fixed ALL my issues, showed real commitment and a real desire to keep their customers happy.

I thoroughly recomend this extension!