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Eric W. Rasmussen

byEric W. Rasmussen, June 17, 2011
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Works flawlessly on 1.5. Any word on a 1.6 release date? Kinda waiting on you guys to deploy :)
byEric W. Rasmussen, June 16, 2011
ARI Image Slider
Here is the email that I sent them:

I've tried your plugins/modules and have to agree that the end results are very nice. However, those of us that need to work on many websites at once DO NOT want to spend our lives coding just to get an effect. For instance:
When I want to use your lightbox app, I have to hard code (use there is no documentation for new users.

You should work on this. If you make it easy to use I might buy it one day.
Owner's reply

Sorry, but "ARI Image Slider" is image slider extension and it is not lightbox extension. If you mean integration with lightbox addons, it doesn't require any "hard code". Just install necessary lightbox plugin and choose it in "Lightbox integration" parameter. The module also contains documentation and it can be found in "Description" field on module settings page. If you have any questions about the extension, feel free to contact us via our forum or email.

byEric W. Rasmussen, May 28, 2011
SP Facebook
I'm using the facebook and thumbnail extensions and it makes my day soooo much easier. I don't really like the way the "comments" plugin works, but that's not their fault. Simply awesome. Thanks!