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byEthedor, December 6, 2013
While it is very nice that this plugin extracts all the keywords from the meta as "tags" and show at the bottom of the article as "tags" however, I was disappointed when I saw that when I click on these "tags" it only just open that keyword in the basic search (whether you set and want to use the inteligent search on your site).
So while it is nice to show - here comes a more accurate definition- "extracted metakeywords with hyperlinks which points to basic search page after article" and it might be advertise using the search among viewers however tags should show the articles what the publisher want to show in each tag and not what the search want to offer (since there might be a name in an article but the article is nothing about him)

But it might be enough and useful for other site developers. These are just my personal thoughts on this plugin.

And I'm very thankful for sharing your work in the joomla extension directory. Keep up the good work.

So this plugin would be the best if:
-it could copy the metakeywords to the joomla tags
-by clicking on tags it could show all the articles with optional picture and lead in a simple list
-also with a tag manager (or just use the basic joomla one)