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byEuDetail, April 29, 2012
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At first sight I thought this would be the best shop available.
Customization is endless with full access to page and module temples using tags.
Be prepared to spend weeks if not months to do this...Unfortunately these tags are not up to date or change without warning then display like COM_REDSHOP_TOTAL_PRIC...

The developers don't know how to handle tax rates and discounts; if you use coupon, vouchers, discount options the calculations are ALWAYS wrong! I posted on the forum, this topic is active since more than two months but no solution. Here I would like to point out that other Joomla e-commerce components DO handle this tax issue without problem!

Talking about their support; yes they answer very fast!
In fact the fast answer is "I will ask the devs for you"...then you can wait, wait, wait, post a message to bring the post up the forum and wait, wait, wait...
Another answer is always "Could you please send me following on 1. super admin details 2. ftp details 3. link to this post"
This is because their component is NOT working out of the box. they make adjustments to users website but do not update the downloadable files. The result is more and more errors issues for users when they update.

New releases with "No known bugs", a perfect joke. Take a look at their website and release news, look at changelog and the (long) list of bug fixes...
Also have a look at the recent topics of their forum and growing list of errors/bugs messages before you buy the (very) expensive component that is NOT working out of the box.
I should add the commercial version does not include support but have to pay 75€/hour to have them fix their buggy (this word is forbidden by the owner) component and modules.

Multilingual; it is not multilingual, you can only use one language and these languages (even the original English) are full of spelling mistakes. You will have to check the language files to correct the many mistakes and missing fields. No, they do not update the files themselves, they leave the errors for you...

I use (must say installed and customized) since end 2011 but today end April 2012 I still cannot use it live !!

If you find reviews helpful then read the ones below with many stars, read between the lines and you will understand these people are "happy with the many problems they face"!

I would have given a 5stars for this component if it only worked as the owner says it works. Unfortunately the main features like tax handling-coupons-discounts-gift and price update when products are added/removed from cart are not working.

I am very very disappointed but I still have hope the new 1.2 version will finally correct all these very soon and download a component and modules/plugins working out of the box, well I really hope so...or am I dreaming??
Its a shame because redshop includes many many interesting features other components don't.
Owner's reply

I am not quite sure you review is fully deserved.

However on two points i would like to agree with you.

1) our support system did not work and offering free support even onsite to all users have spread our efforts too thinly and causing to much waiting time and ineffeciency.

Therefore we will be introducing a new support ticket system for subscribers as part of the launch of the new website on the 1st of july.

This way we can garantee and dedicate the support to those who have a subscribtion and insure that the quality of the support is on par with what we want to do.

I guess with 100.000+ users running a support on a forum is just not working out.

2) Ease of use

redSHOP is built as a tool for ourselfes.

We do Joomla Ecommerce sites from 5000 to 200000 euros per website for clients - the tool we use is redSHOP.

So we released the exact same tool for ecommerce as we use in our consultancy business to the general public and there is no differences.

We are without a doubt the largest pure Joomla company on the planet and we work with our own tools including redSHOP.

Yes - our tech level is fairly high so we have no issues using redSHOP but part of the history of redSHOP is making it more and more userfriendly - even with lower tech skills.

In the coming relaunch we are introducing new templates that available for download + new kickstart packages so you can get going with a full redSHOP in less than 5 minutes.

Our new Demo site is actually built on one of these templates and can be found on

I hope to see both of these points drasticly improving your experience in the future.

byEuDetail, March 29, 2012
Freestyle Support
The freestyle support component has all the required features for great user/customer support.
It can also import products from Virtuemart but it did not work for me as I have installed Virtuemart2. I contacted the support team and answered very promptly that they will update Freestyle Support quickly so it will integrated with VM2.
The template can be customized easily from the back end.
Tickets can be assigned by users, groups, languages,...
All in all a very very good component.