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byExigoGroup, May 3, 2011
Easy to install, easy to use, but extremely robust and flexible.

This is THE BEST blogging tool for Joomla. Period! You found it.

Quick story about EasyBlog support.

1. I was trying to get it to search tags when using native Joomla search. I couldn't get it to work.

2. Searched their Forums. (Really nice forums, by the way). Nothing.

3. I opened a support ticked at 1:55 PM ET, asking if it was possible to search TAGS.

4. At 1:58 PM ET (3 Minutes Later!!) I got a reply saying, sorry not possible at this time. (Bummer) But asking me to be specific as to what I was after so that he was sure he understood.

5. I replied at 2:02 PM. Thanking them for getting back to me.

6. At 2:21 PM, 26 minutes after I opened the support ticket, I got an email that "apologized for taking so long to get back to me", and had a custom "search.php" file attached that fixed my problem.

They added a feature in 26 minutes!!

Bottom line. BUY THIS Component!!! You will be very happy you did.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedbacks!