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byFDigital01, September 19, 2012
Plugin for Phoca Download
I have phoca download installed on 1 site and it works well but when I installed it on a second site I keep getting error 500 message and there is absolutely no help available. over 300 people have viewed the same query.... no help. some documentation but it does not address the problem.

too bad. if the download had a "pro" version with a fee and decent support that would make it more worthwhile
Owner's reply


I am sorry, but I really don't understand this review. Did you use really Phoca Download Plugin ( ), this seems like you have used some other extension and you wrongly reviewed other extension?

1) "on 1 site and it works well but when I installed it on a second site I keep getting error 500"

... this rationally means, the extension is working ok but there is a problem on server ... many answered posts to solve this problem can be found easily in phoca forum (many many answered and solved posts)

2) "there is absolutely no help available."

... hmmm :-(, did you really visit ( ) site, if yes, you cannot say such untruth - first, there is a forum where e.g. I by myself posted over 25.500 answers (for free - maybe you will not find better supported site for free extensions) - second: - this documentation site exactly describes how to solve problem you have mentioned.

So on documentation( ) site, there is a help, a lot of help, so really don't understand this review.

:-( :-( :-(

Please, be so kind, write me an email or write me a post to forum and please explain me, why if you get some problem on your server (see 1) ) why you make a bad review on extension which is working on your other server. I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC :-( :-(

The extension is for free, you didn't pay anything for it, you get free translations available, you get a free support in forum (I am answering all posts if possible - yes, this will take some time as I do it in my free time), you get free documentaion exactly described your problem - so what is the reason to make bad review on extension because of server problems?

This is a really question where I really would like to get an answer. It will be great if you will find time and answer me this question. Maybe then I will understand this review.

Thank you, Jan

byFDigital01, November 28, 2011
Phoca Favicon
Does the job nicely. Easy to use. Very nice!
byFDigital01, November 20, 2011
Chronoforms has such a lot of potential but the tutorials are incomplete, the "cookbook" for sale is still for an earlier version and the help desk does help but it takes time. Overall I am very disappointed with the results and am very frustrated trying to get help.