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byFFAT, August 4, 2013
Akeeba Backup
If you download, you must donate. Five euros or 100... donate something. These people are offering us something free that should be 'commercial'. Donated. Great job!
byFFAT, January 17, 2013
Content Scrollpane
And the support from Sabuj was absolutely amazing!

I'm from the school of 'if you pay for an extension, you better get the support that should come along with it.' And CodeBoxer didn't let me down at all!

It's now time to search through the many extensions from CodeBoxer and see what else I could use. I'll pay for anything from them because I know I will get 100% support!

They now have my support. Thank you Sabuj.
byFFAT, September 26, 2011
Simple Image Holder
Thank you for Simple Image Holder. It is the perfect simple image holder.
byFFAT, September 7, 2010
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Awesome. Thank you for putting together a great component for my newsletter needs.

No glitches to report. Just great.

byFFAT, April 28, 2010
Phoca Guestbook
Awe - Some! Phoca crew... you never let me down. Thank you! Expect a donation soon.
byFFAT, October 7, 2009
Thank you for such a great extension. Everything that I wanted to do with this extension worked flawlessly. Sure I had to make some thumbnail images and convert my video files to FLV but that was minor.

Thank you!

Check my Gallery and Testimonials webpages for the Rokbox at work:

Manny V