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byFabius, August 14, 2013
Trendy Scroll News
Finally I found it. A simple horizontal scroll for articles (latest 6 selected from 3 categories in my case), with a nice fade effect and only text (the article title) as a link to the news.
byFabius, November 8, 2012
CoalaWeb Traffic
before this extensione I have tried another very popular counter but was buggy with today and yesterday counts. Celtaweb Traffic is absolutly better, with nice graphic and highly customization. Also possible to remove backlink to the author.
Owner's reply

Once again thanks for taking the time to review my extension your positive feedback is much appreciated. The sense of community that comes with Joomla is second to none and I'm glad to be part of it. If you have any suggestions for improvement please drop by the forum and let me know.

byFabius, October 28, 2012
Editor Switcher
my default editor is tinymce but I have some module and articles with personalized script and iframe so I need to switch to CodeMirror Editor. With this plugin I can do it on-the-fly.
After install remember to change your default editor to "Editor Switcher" in your admin configuration page.
byFabius, October 15, 2012
This plugin does a simple task in a simple way. Choose after how many days the favoured articles are set to normal, based on the date you need (creation, publish or last modification). Is possible to exclude some articles by ID.
byFabius, August 15, 2012
Easy Embed Video
The name of the plugin is right, is very easy to insert a video.
Unfortunaly there are a lot of issues:
- youtube fullscreen doesn't works
- frontpage size is not applied
- using JCE editor sometimes the video is displayed twice
- in MSIE8 some youtube links are not displayed
- no support (sent 2 emails without reply after 2 month)
byFabius, July 30, 2012
SEO Boss
This is a very usefull solution for SEO mamagement of your site.
In my case I have some sites with many authors and often they forget to insert keywords and descriptions in their articles. With SEO Boss I can complete and optimize the missing parts in a short.
Support is good, I had some problems, solved with a new release in a few days.
byFabius, June 11, 2012
Very usefull and easy. In the global configuration must be disabled the show site name in title or you have it doubled
byFabius, June 11, 2012
Set Generator tag
Installed and enabled on J2.5.4, only a text field to set (or leave blank).
byFabius, June 6, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
I was looking for a simple newsletter, but Acymailing Starter is much more.
Simply Amazing!!!
byFabius, May 24, 2012
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Photoon Photo Gallery Light
Free version is limited to only 8 images per gallery, for unlimited pics you must buy the PRO version. In other words this is only a trial version.
Also this gallery has no subfolders support. You have two possible choices: put all images together or create a menu voice for every folder.
On all images is set the title tag "Photoon Photo Gallery by Joohopia". Ok for the backlink at the bottom of the gallery, but a Title on every image is really too.
byFabius, May 20, 2012
I need only 3 most used social buttons and not a list of unknown social platform.

Also the facebook I like doesn't work for me. I click but nothing happens.
Owner's reply

Have you ever read the documentation of the plugin? It is possible to have any social buttons you choose in the backend. Why do you complain for something that is not true at all (the FB like button works 100%) and post negative reviews, without even asking for support as a "last resort"?

byFabius, May 20, 2012
If you need an all-in-one solution then K2 is a good choice. Lots of the most used add-on functionality are already presents.
I don't have a good feeling with this "I do everything" packages. Is not always possible to replace the components I do not like with 3rd party add-on.
Documentation is poor and dated.

Well, this is only my personal judgment. If you need a simple way to use Joomla with a lot of stuffs then give K2 a try.
Owner's reply

Actually, a lot of people find K2 easier to setup and have running in minutes compared to the default Joomla! article system.

This boils down to a) setup parameter continuity in K2 (unlike the default Joomla! article system which mixes category specific parameters with general ones) and b) simpler yet more efficient template overrides. Just count the template overrides in com_content plus its modules. Or think "why do I need a newsflash module or recent articles module" when they could simply be 1 module with 2 different content retrieval filters (random and latest created)...

We've answered all these questions that puzzled developers minds years ago with the creation of K2. Anyone else who might insist that com_content is better than K2 in terms of content management (and I'm not referring to you - just some so called "Joomla! evangelists" who don't know the difference between HTML and CSS) is either lying or he's never used K2 or he's never used Joomla! at all - in my personal opinion of course.

byFabius, May 15, 2012
All Icons
Installed, added all the needed icons (also from other components) with different access levels, and disabled the default quick icons.
I've lost the Joomla and Extensions Update Check Icons but I don't use them.
Lacks the ability to reorder the icons and I have an issue deleting items (posted on github).
byFabius, May 12, 2012
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DPCalendar Lite
This is a great extension if you need a calendar. GCalendar is only a standard event manager so no special features such as online registration or paid events, but you really need them?

- google calendar
- beatyfull frontend interface
- search through events
- nice modules (next events, mini overview calendar)
- tooltip on mouse-over
- events opened with lightbox effect

- to add/change events from Joomla you need the paid addon GCalendar Action Pack
- from Google Calendar you can enter only plain text descriptions (or use HTML if you know it). Buy the Action Pack for WYSIWYG editor.
- to change date and time format you need to look the date function in the PHP manual (but is quite easy)
- no docs for plg_gcalendar_next, very difficult to use (I have disabled it). A button editor and a wizard would be very useful.
byFabius, May 3, 2012
Tried on Joomla 2.5.4 without problem. Very good extension, you can attach files from frontend or in backend with a button under the editor.
Also in the backend there is a very useful Attachments Manager very well organized.
The default CSS used for the list of downloadable files is beatyfull and clear with icons for file types.
Good options and user permissions usage.
byFabius, April 28, 2012
I have tried other social-share plugins but this one is the best one.
Very customizable, OpenGraph support, you can also activate the FB comments.
Ready to use just after installation and activation. Perfect integration inside articles. Good documentation (but really you don't need it).
Use this, ignore others.
byFabius, April 20, 2012
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This is one of the most useful extension for Joomla. Very easy to use.
Maybe a readme file or some kind of documentation would be helpful instead of trying the various options to see exactly what they do.

For c-bob: if you use Joomla inside a folder and not in the webserver root disable the "Joomla!-Jfile" options. From now on new articles will work. For the old ones you must delete the pictures, save, replace images and resave.