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Fabricio Rocha

byFabricio Rocha, March 7, 2011
Thank you very much for this -- it should be part of Joomla! Works exactly as promised, no tricks needed. Very good job!

For being perfect, this extension should offer the option to send the notification e-mail to the addresses of publishers and admins already registered in the site, so the required list of e-mails to which to send the notifications would be optional (or, maybe, it could be used also as an "opt out" list, which would include the e-mails of admins and publishers and allow the user to de-select one or more of them). I hope the developer take this as a suggestion.
Owner's reply

For those users who read this comment, the feature requests written here are implimented in the current version.

byFabricio Rocha, March 6, 2011
After experiences with ccBoard and Agora, I found myself without Joomla native forum options but Kunena. And it is a very powerful, impressive forum system: highly configurable, avatars support, etc.

But Kunena lacks support of user groups. After looking at its support forum, this seems to be the major complaint for some years now. The forum users are classified according to the quite-limited Joomla . I hope this choice can be re-considered someday.
Owner's reply

Hell Fabricio, thanks for your feedback. Yes, Kunena uses the built-in Joomla user groups for the best integration possible. We believe this is a strength in comparison with other solutions.

Also, Kunena supports free third-party extensions like noixACL, JXtended Control, and the ArtofUser component which offer fine-grained user control, including group features, in Kunena. These are great solutions and, in our opinion, are better than the options available in other forums.

Kunena 1.6.4 (to be released very shortly) will support Joomla 1.6 and that includes the native groups (which are more flexible). Kunena 2.0 will also have increased group support (due out in beta soon). So check back to see if either of those versions (or the above free group options) meet your needs.