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Fabrizio T

Realtyna RPL
We planned to develop a specialised internet portal for hospitality properties. We came across different products during software selection, and RPL was one of the most complete on paper.
We decided to agree with Realtyna principally for their ability to answer our question and to propose solution to specific customizations needs.
The project came across long revision and testing due to the complexity of the platform functionalities.
The project took more time than planned, but additional features and client requests were satisfied with no troubles. We are now live and plan the next steps thanks to the Realtyna team.
I may say that our company is very demanding and therefore we stressed a lot the Realtyna team, in order to answer completely to our needs. They have been always helpful, willing and caring to us. The communication with them has been supported a lot by ourselves, as we are not in USA and we needed to tune the project management to complete the web application. For sure, they are able to handle very difficult and challenging clients as our company, they are always supportive and able to find smart solutions to solve customization problems.
The RPL software is powerful, scalable and integrable in different modules, therefore if you need components that can be added in different steps and with different goals, this is the product you are looking for!
A last comment about the people: all the team of Realtyna (Alex, Sina, Howard, Alfred, Francis, Max, Masi, Michael....hoping not forget someone!) were excellent in satisfying our requests. Thank you Realtyna guys! Support is prompt and complete, tickets are handled always professionally and in the shortest possible time.
We will continue to use RPL and plan new customizations with the Realtyna team.