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byFastfingers, March 19, 2013
I've made some stores in virtuamart, both 1 series and 2 series.
I am very frustrated with the way this product has turned out.

1. out of the box, your store will be butt ugly. To change anything whatsoever, you must be pretty fluent in CSS and PHP. After hours and weeks, your store might get a look that you can live with. By that time you will be promped to upgrade the software, and all the coding and tweaking you have done, is gone, and the store is butt ugly again.

2. WHEN you try to upgrade, you will not succeed! The autoupgrade will not be able to do the job, and your store will most probably have 10 lines of error messages next time you try to enter it.

3. at this point you will be at the mercy of the forum(as there is no usable documentation at all). You can ask your questions, and if yu are lucky, some moderator answers with a link to another topic that has unanswered questions too.

The list goes on and on, but to make it short: If you dont have extencive knowledge in PHP and CSS, do NOT choose this module.
If you that somethig that LOOKS thrustworty for your customers, do NOT choose this component.
If, for some reason you want something reliable, that you can trust in, do NOT chose this module.
If you like to be able to sleep at night, and don't enjoy working all night, because your client did't expext his store to crash, because he did something as foolish as update the software("they wrote it was not going to mess with the layout, or the SQL and tables...")DO NOT CHOOSE THIS MODULE

I know its free, I KNOW people have been working hard without pay to make this software, I KNOW they did their best! But at the end of the day, free can be very expencive, when it doesent do the job.

It's a shame. Virtuemart used to be good, back in the days of 1.1