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byFiftyNineDesign, December 29, 2011
JUNewsUltra Pro
This Module worked for me already in the previous version for J 1.5 - so i just installed the new one at my J 1.7 site.
It´s working fine - and it has the ability to create an own template for the display!
Basically it`s in english, so there are no language-problems at all.
Great work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment!

If you speak some language and can make a translate, please attach a translation to other languages ​​through

On this page you can improve the translation.

Thank you!

Nice PayPal Downloads
After installation of the component i had some problems getting the E-Mails sent to the customers.
I rewiewed the installation guide, which is in most cases adequate.
But i didn`t get the mails sent out, so i decided to ask in the forum from the dev-website.

And in the next two days the problem was fixed!
Very fast and good support!

Keep on doing your business in this manner.