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byFinn123, August 23, 2014
Community Polls
I have been using several poll web systems and at the Joomla community, I find that the Community Polls are the most user-friendly. It provides you with a range of features, which make it a good poll service for a web sites' members and visitors.

It is responsive and it integrates with Komento, which was important requirements for our web development.

Upgrading from Community Polls version 3.x.x to version 4.x.x was not a simple task. We had some issues between Community Poll, our template and Font Awesome icons. The support provided by Maverick was excellent so the upgrade issue was solved.

Our positive experience with Community Polls and the way Maverick are handling the support, even on Saturdays and Sundays, was also the final reason for why we now have decided to give the Community Surveys from CoreJoomla a try as soon our present ongoing web development for our new company web site is finalised.

If you are looking for a Poll Joomla extension, I recommend Community Polls.
byFinn123, July 31, 2014
We had a rough start with JomDirectory as it laid down part of our template layout (one of the latest 2014 templates from RocketTheme) and if it not had been for the great support from the ComDev team, we would have given up.

After being able to park this for us serious template problem, we got the JomDirectory to work at our web site according to our requirement specification.

JomDirectory has many well thought-through features, and one of the best is the section where you can configure fields, tabs, design and features on your own without starting to dig into the code.

We have and are and using other Joomla directory extensions and JomDirectory is for sure one of the best in the Joomla Community. We are not using the JomDirectory as a business directory but as a presentation and special developed showcases, for companies, cities and organizations, so we have by now changed quite at a lot.

As other have said in their reviews the documentation is not up to date but ComDev is in the process of rewriting it.

We have seen some bugs, but they have all been fixed within 3-12 hours and by this, I am able to state that the support is working very well.

If you are looking for a directory which has an elegant design and a flexible and easy custom configuration, I will recommend JomDirectory.
We have used Projectfork from some of the first versions, which were quite complex to configure and the user interface and functionality were not always intuitive to understand especially for non-technical people which we worked together with on several projects. Since then things have changes a lot -Projectfork version 4.x.x is a totally revamp, and it is now a very functional project management suite.

Upgrading to the Pro version turn Projectfork into a professional online project management system which a great look and feel provided by the Pro templates.

We use it on our intranet and soon will we use it on our new media site and our new non-profit web site as well.

I highly recommend Projectfork, and I am grateful for the great support we have had.

Tobias, Kyle and your team, well done! We are looking forward to the future versions.
We have a handful of web sites which we wanted to share several components and user data between. Which our not very good experiences which Joomla Multi Sites for two years ago in our back head, we were sure that we would have problems achieving our plans and requirement.

Spending some time researching and a pre-sales email to AlterBrains, we found the key to all our plans; “MightySites”.

We bought it and agreed a date for the support for AlterBrains to install it for us. We were set for a session of two to three hours, and we found it hard to believe that it only took 20 min. to get everything going. We were therefore, skeptic about if it would work but our worries were proven wrong.

MightySites does make it possible to share everything we wanted and more too.

I highly recommend MightySites and I am grateful for the great support we have had even on questions, which have been beyond MightySites.
byFinn123, September 30, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Backup is crucial and after been using the build-in backup at the Cpanel and had some restore disasters, and that you have to do the database backup separately, we decided it was time to go for the Akeeba Backup.

After had tested the non-commercial version we have bought the pro version which was a “laid-back installation” and the same goes for backing-up. We had some problems with the restore of our first backup, which was a 100% clone of our production site to our new development site. However, it was down to ourselves not the Akeeba backup, after Nicholas’s exceptional support we were up and running for good. We have by now done several restores of sites using Kickstart.php, which restore your site like a standard Joomla installation.

The documentation provided by Nicholas is very comprehensive. It is huge, but it takes you through everything step by step.

Someone here at the review for Akeeba Backup mentioned that Nicholas is a Joomla Guru and Teacher, I agree 100%.

Thank you for this great Joomla backup.

We have also bought the Admin Tools Pro version and I owe a review for this Joomla extension as well.

We are looking forward to continuing the co-operation with Nicholas.
byFinn123, June 29, 2013
With 354 reviews before me it is not easy to write a review which stands out so I will start by saying thank you very much to Mark and his team you are unique and you have sincerely taking the lead with EasyBlog and your exceptional support and painted for all of us the future of Joomla and the community behind it.

For the last two years we have been using Word Press, earlier we used My Blog and we started to build a blog in K2 which we never finished because K2 requires a lot of time and tremendous customization. EasyBlog got us going within a few days. If you don’t need any special layout or customization you can have it up and running right after you have finish the installation and configured the settings.

Doing our layout and customization we had some issues which we had to address to Mark and his team and all individual issue was handled by StackIdeas in less than two hours.

Mark actually tweaked the code for us in one of the EasyBlog modules to meet our layout and customization requirement and he deliver it with an explanation of what he had done.

We are looking forward to continue the co-operation with StackIdeas.