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byFjerpje, July 4, 2010
Hi there,

I think i can say i'm an experienced webdeveloper and i am developing websites for the past 5 1/2 years with almost every web language and have been developing websites trough Joomla the past 2 years and it all works great. And just recently i discoverd the new update of Fabrik and i couldn't even dream about the functionality this Component offers.

I've seen Fabrik quite a while ago when i first touched joomla. But back then Fabrik was a component that needed to be developed more and more to get really interesting for the crowd. And sure it did got developed allot. I didn't even dare to dream about the functionality it has now. Almost anything is possible with the component. Infact if you have the skills you could even build a whole community with the component without breaking your fingers on the coding it would need if you did not use this extrodinary component.

For those who have a little experience with coding : You could see this component as something similair as Visual basic. It's just an online compiler wich works like a charm.

I'm so glad that it is opensource because this component is really unique and the posibillity's are endless.

If i can i will try to support this because i just fell in love with it! I can tell it's awesome but that would be an understatement.