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byFlemishDreams, July 25, 2010
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Installs and works like a charm. The instructions on the home page are very good and easy to follow.

I installed the module in the Top position and it works fine there.

As I run a very high-key photography site, the original icon was a bit large and too colorful, drawing away attention from the photos. The icons are in "modules/mod_followme/images". I changed the icon there by bringing it back to 60px and decreasing saturation in PS. You will have to revert to RGB mode to do that. When saving back "for web", make sure to preserve the transparency and save as PNG.

Great extension!

flemishdreams [dot] com for an example.
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Thanks for taking the time to make this Review, much appreciated.

byFlemishDreams, July 24, 2010
The funny thing about this extension is that the download button doesn't bring you to a download place but to a home page touting all their products and of course many "buy now" links.
I spent looking for some time there to a demo download link but couldn't find it. At least not for this product. I figure it's a buy before you try product then ;-)
I'm sure it's great, but I will never know.
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I am not sure why you faced this issue. The link to the Page : Takes you to our product landing page for JBolo. We sell products as subscriptions & do not encode they . They are GPL.. so there is no trial version available. You can see there are links to demos for Joomla, CB & JomSocial on that page.