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byFluffymonkey, June 8, 2009
Phoca Gallery
As with all complex modifications, there is a learning curve with this. You have to take the time to figure things out on your own and maybe read some documentation. However, Phoca gallery is professionally done top to bottom and is not beyond the abilities of any entry level or average Joomla user to install and set up. Meaning I'm glad this isn't commercial, because it could easily be. I can't imagine needing any other features from a photo gallery that would still allow it to remain user friendly. Excellent work and thank you very much for keeping this free, it is much appreciated.
byFluffymonkey, May 26, 2009
I've tried nearly all of the form mods and this is far and away the best. Fully customizable and easy to use. Granted, it takes some time to figure out, but once you do you'll be making forms in a flash. The captcha support and customization alone make this worth while. I can't imagine a better form creator. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
byFluffymonkey, May 20, 2009
If you want to either have a random quote or a content page of quotes, then this is the extension for you! Just be sure to also download the module if you want just a quote to display on a page rather than have it link to a quote page. This extension can be used for almost any random or daily content, which proves valuable for search engine rankings. I've tried several extensions for this purpose. Most didn't work at all or wouldn't install. This one not only worked, but exceeded my expectations. Thanks a bunch!!
byFluffymonkey, May 20, 2009
Tag Meta
Installed with no problems at all. I've yet to find a page that I can't change the title, meta description, and meta keywords for. Seamless and using to use once you figure it out. However, there are tricks to using this mod. You must use /*$ at the end of each URI to keep the title/meta data specific to that article or page. Otherwise all the descending pages will get the same tags. For example /pageone/*$ and then go /pageone/health/*$ and so on. This keeps each page data unique. If you don't mind descendants of a category or section having the same data, then simple type /pageone. Thanks for a great mod!!