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byFolamour, October 23, 2014
Easy Frontend SEO
I just start to use easy front end SEO, i run a blog with more than 8141 article, and i dont have took too much care of my SEO this past 5 year, so i'll decided to improve it,

i've tested allmost all extension, and find that the better was Easy Front End Seo, unfortunatelly i faced some issue to make it work correctly on my live site,

so i'll asked viktor, and he sort me out and btw improve his extension, at this time all my article as correct description and meta,

all i can told you its : gave it a try ! you will be impressed, ; )))))))))))
RSS Factory PRO
Hi, i’m using RSS Factory since age on my blog, and i just moved of host, so i faced an annoying error message on RSS factory that forced me to upgrade the module, so i pay nearly 40€ for that, but the error remain, it was determined that the error message was related to the new open base dir restriction that my host use, (you have to know that open base dir is a good pratice recommended for joomla for security purpose) so Erick gave me a release 3.22 of the module who was seem able to handle such restriction, i installed the module and the message went, but when updating the rss flux the module hang on « processing request » and nothing happen, if you refresh the page the flux is well updated but that a shame for a module of this price, after nearly two week of figth, the final word of this « factory » of non sens is :

We already replied to this in previous tickets.
Its not a component issue, its a hosting issue.

Best regards,

Erik Folberth
Project Manager
SKEPSIS Consult SRL / The Factory Team

So if you plan to use this module check that your host don’t use open base dir, or you will have no support at all,

Best regards,

Owner's reply

Guillaume, We are sorry you felt then need to post a "revenge-review", despite the fact that we tried to solve an issue, which - as you know - was not a product issue, but a hosting issue on your side. But as they say - no good deed remains unpunished.

Our best response to this review can only be quotes from your own emails:

on 30.Oct.2012 you wrote:
"Thank you a lot erik, I dont know if Andrei send you the message I transmetted to him last evening, but I would like to apologize for my last time attitude when I faced this last issue with rss factory,
I was in a bad period for me and I pay a lot of attention to my blog, and I was very sad with you because I was totaly noob with web technologies and I was persuaded that the issue was your fault, and btw it was a php issue, (that a french forum on infomaniak host confirmed to me) So i’m sincerrely sorry, it was the darkside of myself that i dont love of course, but we are dual…
Thanks a lot Erik,

on 2.Nov.2012 you wrote:
"Hi Erick, you close my case so i\'ll get back, i\'m sincerelly sorry, but things goes bad and bad by my side so i was forced to upload a
backup from a state previous of the install of rss factory 3.22 (will took 48h), this will force me and my host to a lot of effort, ......
Kind regards,
Guillaume Saviard."

You acquired the product from us at least three times during the last 3 years and I think we had a good business relation. It's unfortunate
you chose to punish us with this 2 stars review for a product unrelated matter (some setting in your hosting environment).

byFolamour, August 14, 2012
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Hi, i’m using this toy since 2 year, its simple i now cannot live without it, i’m a blogger using joomla since its beggining, with joomla watch you cant track all you visitor, you can knwon all your referer an have real statistic, btw joomla watch is the ONLY compomoment who offer a REAL visitor counter who is reflecticting strict REALITY (and i have tried many)

Bty you can instantly ban the bad guy who are scanning your site, and the coder matej offer real time support even if he are on mail on his phone ! (true) this is why a do this review, i’m an old programmer and i know how to feel a good piece of code,

And trust me this software is a good one…

Best regards,