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byFouad, March 9, 2012
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Hi, the plugin is certainly the best of it's type, everything is good but i meet just one problem.

When i use the combine javascript and want to put all the javascript to the tag, the script didn't apply this rule for the javascript in page, then it do errors for somes.

One thing of this good plugin its to have the possibility to class by customized order the javascript, but with the problem mentionned above we loose the capacity to have an perfect perfect plugin.

If the owner of the plugin can read this and add two options as:

- Keep order (for javascript) in this case we dont have to customize the order if we want to keep the same order as by default

- Take the inline javascript to the after the combined js with jch

I want to add that this plugin is really the best i tried, and i tried a lot, and somtimes i payed for :). I wiil pay for those two options :) thanks a lot