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byFrankA, April 3, 2013
Akeeba Subscriptions
Having used a commercial tool in the past that never did well, I was not expecting too much of this freebie despite the excellent backup they produce. But as the commercial tool was no longer being supported decided to try this on upgrade to 2.5. My need was simple on the first and at first sight this seemed like total overkill. But I needed a higher spe on another site so decided to hit the learning curve. It was a delight to discover that it was not that hard to use at all. And up and running in no time.
I did hit a snag, the site was one time only subscription and there was no obvious way to bring in existing users. While it was not vital to do so that would mean a less than optimal experience for older members. So I bit the bullet and manually added all of my users one by one.
One possible bug report got sent to Akeeba while I was reading comments here. Before I had finished I had a reply and explanation of the issue.

Using Joomla since version 1 it is ever refreshing to see developers of this high level producing for the platform.