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byFrank_Bertram, September 22, 2014
EU e-Privacy Directive
I have been using this plugin for a few years now on a couple of websites. It does exactly what it says. The only problem I have is that (novice) users do not understand they have to accept the cookies first before they can login. This is also because so many sites stick not to the rule and install cookies no matter what the user says. They simply inform the user that they are going to use cookies.
I like the approach an I like the configurability.
Lots of succes!
Owner's reply

If your server supports it, you can hide the login form until the user accepts cookies. The process is documented on my site.

byFrank_Bertram, November 3, 2013
I have tried quite a few (payed and free) Slideshow extensions that get the photo material from Google Plus albums. I cannot say I have tried them all, but this one is the best I came across. For a lot of reasons, one is the ease of installation (within minutes) up and running). A second reason is the wealth of configuration options, although I have to say the default options are very well chosen. So after trying quite a few, I found myself back to the default again.
Last but not least, I did not have one single problem installing and configuring it. Still I ran into a big issue with a complete blank website, caused by the deinstallation of the previous slideshow component. I wrote to the developper and within a few hours, he had pointed me into the right direction and I was able to solve the serious problem myself.
So I can say out of experience that the developper is very responsive.
Certainly recommended and certainly worth the money.
byFrank_Bertram, August 7, 2013
This is a simple but very powerful Mapping extension. It has Height and speed profiles and is very much configurable.
More important even, it is one of the few extensions that does NOT use Google Maps. It can be suspected that one day Google will decide that we have to pay for their service, but the OpenStreetMaps used in this plugin are so much better for evryone interested in outdoor activities.

Last but not least, the designer is very responsive.
Certainly recommended!
byFrank_Bertram, January 19, 2013
jQuery Easy
Just installed this when faced with some JQuery problems and Bingo! all problems solved! Even some minor problems I was not aware off disappeared. An absolute time saver for troubleshooting JQuery issues.
Certainly recommended!
Owner's reply

Great that this plugin helped you out, it is always nice to get this kind of feedback. Thank you!