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byFredZ, January 7, 2013
I'm pleased to have found this. We want to implement a search and display data solution and had looked at all manner of components, free and commercial. All had some limitation or eventual brickwall that stopped the project in its tracks.

Then I came across joodb.

Kicking off with the single table "free" version the frame work for the project was up and running within hours. We are currently migrating to the Pro version.

Support is top notch.

If you any sort of data search/ view/edit data application in mind for your Joomla site, joodb is what you need to drive it.

byFredZ, September 23, 2012
After stuffing around with all manner commercial and non-commercial list managers and directory components for months on end and hitting the inevitable brick wall with each and everyone of them, I came across Fabrik.

I wish I had found it sooner. It would have saved me so much time and a little money. I took a paid for subscription...
byFredZ, September 21, 2012
List Manager
I somehow expected a little bit more, for example to make lists from existing tables and views. And it would have been nice to have had a "Detail View" page that could be linked to a data row.
Owner's reply

Sorry to find a so discordant opinion among the rest of great feedback we are receiving from users.
We do our best to show which features&functions does include the component, including 3 live demos on our site and a downloadable guide
explaining one by one all functions available. Also we have a presales questions email where everyone can contact us directly to ask
for more details before purchasing, usually with a 24h/response time.

So you feel dissapointed for not finding some functions we never claimed to include, sorry if any information mislead you about the features
you expected to find.

Going into detail, seems you where looking for handling data from external tables. This ext does read other table's data (in order to fill multioption/combo
fields, for ex.), but it's not intended to modify data from other tables of your database. We understand this is not the main purpose of this comp,
thinking that would be more suitable to use components under 'database administration' category more focused on backend view.

About your second request, with that short description we don't fully get the point about what are you looking for, but it you feel it could improve
the extension, you're more than welcome to work with us to develop the idea using our suggestions forum. If we find a good aproach, we could include it for next release.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Moonsoft Team

byFredZ, February 17, 2012
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Akeeba Backup
This is the definitive backup system for Joomla, IMO.

Again, after hassles with a hosting provider who hasn't a clue about customer service, I decided to move to another host. Akeeba made the exercise quick and painless. The old site was migrate to the new host within a couple of hours and very little effort.

I'm taking a subscription...
byFredZ, February 17, 2012
jBackup System
I had been using this for some time. Every day my backup file would arrive in the email and I felt smug and secure about how clever I was in doing regular backups. Each file was about 5M so I thought it would be right.

I never tested the file, of course. And you know what's coming next, right?

My site crashed the DB and I went to restore it. SO I unpacked the last "good" archive. The 5M packed filed extracted to a 908 byte text file!!!

No back up. Checked the previous backups, but all the same.

I'll accept some of the blame because I seldom read instructions, unless everything else has failed.

All in all, I came away wiser but still disappointed. My warning to you is check that the backup file is actually a backup file!
byFredZ, January 20, 2011
It's a great idea. But after hours of mucking about I'm no wiser. It just didn't work.

The plugins are confusing and there is no explanation that I can see as to the need to match a plug in versions against the core version.

Simulation didn't work. It insisted that the (valid) user ID entered wasn't valid. So there seems no way to test anything.

I'd pay for the "pro" version if I could get an absolute guarantee that it'd work. Alas, the "free" version isn't an encouraging introduction.

My head hurts. I'm going to stop now...
Owner's reply

Hi Fred,

Infact there is a commercial support subscription available if you need it ! You can buy it at the website & our support team can easily set it up for you.

Have you read the detailed documentation here :

We understand the extension can be confusing due to its great versatility & we have tried to make it as easy as possible to understand & use. If you read the docs throughly , you should not have any issues.

Regarding Plugins, its simple. The 1.X version of the component & plugins are depreciated. use the latest version in the 2.X series. Since we have over 20 plugins for the extension we are working out a better way to maintain them on the site to present them to uses in a better way.

Do reconsider your review & give it a shot again or contact us to let us help you set it up.


byFredZ, December 4, 2010
Community Builder
I have been a long time user of CB for some time. Whilst the interface, especially the user profile editor, is a little messy, I regarded it as a good component.

Unfortunately the last update (1.3) seems to be focused on let's see what we can break. My test site stopped working, presenting blank forms and error dialogs, especially on the frontend. I spend nearly eight hours working my way through things, and finished up having to remove a swag of modules and components, many not remotely related to CB.

Since I am now at the point of probably having to rebuild the site from scratch I'll be looking to alternatives for CB

Very disappointing.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear such a different story of all positive feedbacks we got on CB 1.3 this far, and understanding that finally it seems "not remotely related to CB" on your "test site" as you conclude. We are not be able to relate *any* single forum post or feedback from any user elsewhere to this experience with CB 1.3 (nor latest CB 1.3.1 which fixes all known bugs of CB 1.3, which were all minor).
Sorry that you decided to spend eight hours on your own, without community help, not browsing our FAQ (e.g our blank screen FAQ), forums, or request free support on our forums. Very frustrating for the very dedicated CB community to not have a chance to help another community member. Specially for a free extension with free community support. We would much prefer to be able to help you, but with literally no information on the errors you got and your environment, it's impossible. We invite you to use our CB forums for CB support - instead of the JED.

byFredZ, October 12, 2010
I like this attachment and it generally works fine. The only quibble I have that when adding a new attachment with a description and saving it, the sequence goes to a blank page rather than returning to the article. It's somewhat counter intuitive and confusing for new users.
Owner's reply

This sounds like a problem. Please use the Attachments forum on and I'll try to help you figure this out.

byFredZ, August 10, 2009
Prior to version / 1.5.4 I thought this was a pretty good editor component, even if the image upload feature wasn't always a feature. Fortunately this release seems to have fixed it.

Unfortunately other things were broken in the process, notably the readmore tag button. The author says there are other ways of inserting the tag but I can't find it.

Shame, really.
Owner's reply

JCE has its own Readmore and Pagebreak buttons in the Editor Layout (not the ones below the editor window). These are better than the default Joomla! Readmore / Pagebreak buttons as 1) They overcome an issue with block element splitting caused by the Joomla! Readmore / Pagebreak code and 2) Pagebreaks become editable when using the JCE method.