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byFreedomExpressX, August 27, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Only displays occasionally, and sometimes messes up the contact us form formatting.
Owner's reply

Your review isn't fair!

Did you read the documentation or the comments on the project website? I don't think so...

I could solve every problem in the past, which other users had. And there were only few small problems.

I'm sure that you use either the beez or a artisteer template.

The plugin doesn't work in an artisteer template and will never do it! ;-)

Why you didn't contact me? We would find a solution, but now...

byFreedomExpressX, August 27, 2010
Confident CAPTCHA
It takes too long to complete the capatcha, and on top of that to download the plugin you have to go through a lengthy process to set up an account with the author.

All in all too hard.
byFreedomExpressX, August 27, 2010
Core Design Captcha
Only after installation when the plugin doesn't activate do I find out that I need a 2nd plugin. There are too many obscure options to tell how to configure the basic captcha plugin, and after spending lots of time trying different combinations all I can get is the captcha display but the slider doesn't work.

Altogether too hard.
Owner's reply

Plugin requires Core Design Scriptegrator with jQuery script.
That's all you need to run this Captcha.