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byFreshIdeas, March 21, 2014
What a clean little module. Easy to use and configure.

I struggled with the initial config, but it was only because of my lame brain and not enough coffee!

An email to the developer and within a few hours (time difference) he emailed me back, took a peek and told me what I had done wrong (which is obvious to anyone but this sleep-deprived person!)

This is now one of my must install modules.

I tried several others (a couple paid) and had conflicts with other elements. NOT with this one!
byFreshIdeas, October 24, 2013
Smart Slider 2
I would rather NOT have to pay for extensions and modules. And when I do, I expect support.

And I was rewarded. Support is TOP NOTCH. Couldn't figure out how to get the slideshow to extend to full width. It was a template issue and they gave me the code to add to my template. No shoving me back to the template dev (we've all been the ping pong!).

This extension rocks! It is so flexible and I can finally add all the cool functionality in a slideshow that I see on Wordpress sites that my clients love.

This slideshow is very easy to use. Overwhelming at first because there are SO MANY options. SIMPLE was actually harder to accomplish!

I can now take a slideshow and transform it from eye candy to a serious call to action and user interface.