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byFreshIdeasMktg, May 2, 2013
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Installed on a J3.1.1 site and the extension didn't work. Opened a ticket and support responded amazingly fast. First fix didn't work quite right, but game permission for them to access site and they uploaded a new version and it was super simple to use!

Facebook can be a bit wonky - but that is FACEBOOK's issue. Once I got FB to accept my website and not try to force me to host on their site, everything worked perfectly.

Tested an article and boom....on all the channels (FB, Twitter and Linked In).

Slick interface and attractive GUI. Excellent documentation. Both in a video and PDF. Would recommend an English voiceover for those of us that are auditory learners, but not everyone speaks English...

Twitter and Linked in took less than 5 minutes to configure.