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byFronne, February 9, 2014
DB Replacer
Most of the extensions from NoNumber are indispensable, this one for sure...
I wanted to replace a complete tab content (VMD tabs) in about 1400 products with nothing, just delete a complete tab and all content. The syntax was slightly different in some cases but with a look at the forum and the use of some regular expressions I was able to do the job (costing days in a normal way) within one hour or so...
There are free versions (I'm a Pro User) of all NoNumber extensions available but one of these days I will buy a Lifetime Bundle for sure... It's wurth every penny and more, this guy is a genius...

Make a back-up before you use this extension, just in case!

Well done Peter!
byFronne, February 3, 2014
Smart Slider 2
I bought this extension a few months back and I can highly recommend Smart Slider 2 as the best solution available...
It really changed the looks of my site, making it more professional and Smart Slider 2 is completely responsive too...
The documentation is very clear and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You can insert about everything you like in a slider. I also use SS2 for non moving slides in a module position because it's so easy to implement...
I did not need any support but had a few simple questions, I contacted Nextend two times and received an answer within ten minutes, the fastest reply I ever had. I have a business license but will upgrade to a lifetime license because I don't want any site without Smart Slider 2 from Nextend...

Great Extension, Great Support!!!

byFronne, August 2, 2013
JD iDEAL Gateway
The JDiDEAL component is a easy to implement extension, does everything it should smoothly...

The support however is even better, I had a http 500 error after a cancel at the bank's site. I thought JDiDEAL was responsible and contacted the developer for support. Roland asked for some detailed information and found the cause of the problem. Another very good component, OPC from Rupostel had a call to a class which was not included in the script, only vissible after cancel. Roland told me how to include the missing class in the script and the problem was solved in half a day!!!

I bought another extension from the same author (CSVI Pro) because this guy know what he's doing...

Thanks again Roland for the great support!!!

byFronne, July 17, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
I bought this extension a few days back because the old AJAX search extension I used had a problem with https. When I visited the site I felt in love just the way how these guys prentate their extension...

And I did not even see their extensions at that time.

Back to this extension, I love the feature of disabling the enter key and search function (disabling the standard Joomla search) as an parameter option, just great!!!

Also the way you can tweak the looks in the module manager is Beautyfull, great job guys!!!

I'm sure they will have a great future awaiting.

I'm too busy at this moment finishing a webshop too buy more extensions but only a fool would ignore them...

You will be hearing from me shortly, GREAT SHOW!!!

byFronne, May 8, 2013
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
I bought this component a few days back, duplicated a built-in template, changed some -nicely organised- lines of PHP and CSS and got a cart looks like it's part of the template I use! And just in a few hours, I'm impressed! You need this one for sure.