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byFry, February 2, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
It's rare to find a developer that provides as much support and expertise as Douglas does. Not only is his extension a welcome addition to anyone who needs a proper contact form or simply a form, it fills a large whole in the contact forms category.

Any time I've had an issue, I've simply emailed him and he responds quickly and accurately. I was looking for a way to migrate from qcontacts without having to redo my contacts, and he whipped up an importer within a day. Outstanding!

I'll be renewing my license when the time comes as this is an extension I literally can't live without.
byFry, June 30, 2011
After trying demos of all the commercial products and some of the free ones, jcomments is absolutely perfect in its feature-list, spam protection (which still needs a little work), and layout. Since I don't require registration nor even have the option to register (there's just no need), jcomments permission settings are above reproach.

It supports avatars, bbcode, user avatars, different templates, flood control, and it is quite possibly the easiest system to set up and use.

I would rate it as Excellent except for a couple of things:
• The aforementioned spam control needs an update as the spammers have found workarounds already. Thank god for the Report to Admin link that my users have no problem using to let me know spam got through.
• Selecting Tree layout in settings doesn't allow pagination. But if you select Flat layout you can have pagination but you are unable to reply to another person's comments. Why you can't have pagination in Tree layout is beyond me. I have some articles with 100+ comments all on one page because of this.
• Sometimes you want to turn comments off after a topic has been discussed to death, but if you add the jcomments off code to the article, any previous comments disappear as well. Be nice to have a way to show comments up until the point you turned them off. Right now it's all or nothing. Maybe program in a date code to the {jcomments off} so comments before that date don't disappear.
• Support for more than just the Gravatar avatar. I know it's silly, but people like choices.

Now, even with these limitations, it is still the BEST commenting system available. It's also FREE. I really hope the developer comes out with an update (plus real JoomFish support) as this version is getting a little long in the tooth.

Other than that you can't go wrong and will be pleasantly surprised by how well it works. I've never had a conflict with jcomments or a complaint from a user about using it.

And let's face it, if your visitors are using your comment system to complain about the comment system, well, it doesn't look good. Thankfully I've never had that issue. :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for detailed review. Here is not good place for support but I would like to make more clear some things. If you want to stop discussion but allow users to read already posted comments you have to use {jcomments lock} instead {jcomments off}. If you want to have more avatar sources you have to use JComments Avatar plugin - it supports about 12+ extensions such as Agora, Kunena, CommunityBuilder, JomSocial, K2 and others. All other things I am ready to discuss on our support forum!

byFry, December 7, 2010
AwoCoupon Starter
One of the biggest shortcomings of Virtuemart is the lack of gift certificates. This is where AwoCoupon shines! You simply create your gift certificate (G.C.) products, go into the AwoCoupon component, assign a gift certificate to the aforementioned product, and you're done. The component does all the heavy lifting on the background, from composing the email (HTML or plain text) to generating the G.C. code.

One glaring problem is that I use the shipvalue module to determine shipping costs based on the value of the order. Since I can't charge shipping fees on a virtual product, and there is no way to exclude products in the shipvalue module, I contacted the developer.

Not only did the developer, Seyi, fix the problem, but he did it without complaining and after 2 days of going back and forth, he solved the problem. I only hope he offers the solution in the virtuemart forums as I know other people have this problem as well of not being able to exclude certain products with the shipvalue module.

This is a GREAT company with awesome support and I can't say enough about their expertise and professionalism. The component is a coding marvel and will complement your virtuemart store if you need coupons and G.C.
byFry, December 4, 2010
Reviews for Virtuemart
Just installed and it works like a charm. Needed something to show a random review or two, and it worked perfectly. Nice job and thanks for keeping the rare virtuemart module free for a change!