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byGJSchaller, November 20, 2013
Easy Keyword Sitemap
This plugin has been a central feature to our documentation site since it began under Joomla 2.5. When we moved to Joomla 3.2, keywords became Tags instead. I dropped a quick email to the author, and shortly thereafter, I received an updated plugin that used Tags as well as Keywords. Couldn't ask for better support!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review, GJSchaller!

byGJSchaller, November 1, 2012
Simple, effective, lots of options, but easy to configure. As much or as little flexibility as you need!
byGJSchaller, October 2, 2012
Google Analytics Dashboard
Very nice, and easy to use. Make sure you watch the video FIRST, and do not rush ahead, thinking you know what you are doing! I did this, and whitescreened my own site - and they were very, very helpful in helping me fix the issue!
To Here for googleDirections
As of the this review (August 2012), this is now a package that includes all of the needed plugins to make this work - the basic Maps plugin, the Directions plugin, and the To Here plugin, all in one. Previously, you needed to install them separately, now they are combined into one package. The only drawback is that this is confusing if installing it over the old ones...

The plugin itself works great, and does everything it says without issue.
byGJSchaller, August 7, 2012
Up until recently, I'd been using SectionEx, but that component is not compatible with 2.5. I'm now on the hunt for a new, improved Category and Article listing component to use on my documentation site.

So far, this Component is a good start. It's nice and simple, and does the job, but it lacks features that would make it a knock-out winner. The ability to expand or collapse categories in the listing would be great, and would get that extra star from me. Otherwise, it does exactly what it says is does, and simple CSS can control the display of the listing.
Owner's reply

Hallo GJSchaller,

the functionality to expand / collapse categories is now available (Version 1.4)

Hope it works well for you ;)

Thanks for the review and the idea.

byGJSchaller, June 22, 2012
Aixeena Taxonomy System
Works well right out of the box. Uses existing systems (metadata keywords) rather than adding more data and fields to the Articles & Editor. The output of the component (when you click on a tag in the module) lacks styles to format beyond the very basics - a bit more control over the output using CSS would be appreciated.
byGJSchaller, March 23, 2012
Bookmarks Reloaded - Pro
I came in search of a replacement for the original TEG version of the Bookmarks component for Joomla 1.5, and found this just as it was being launched. Despite initial bugs, the Virya team put forth an excellent effort - the wonderful responsiveness, great attitude, and genuine effort by Ruth & Ben got all of the issues sorted out, and they haven't stopped there - more improvements are in the works. In addition to importing old data from the legacy TEG extension, this is 1.7 / 2.5 compatible, which is a godsend when your data is trapped in an older version.

The one caveat to be aware of is that the only screenshooter service used at the moment requires a $5 / Month subscription to work properly. The Virya team found out about this after the fact (the conditions changed after the component was developed), and they're looking for alternative, free solutions already.
byGJSchaller, February 7, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Prior to using this extension, I was running JFusion and SMF, and would get 20 to 30 registrations a day from Spammers - they would be blocked, but even then 2 or 3 would sneak through.

Since switching to Kunena and ECC+, I have not had a single spammer get through in 3 weeks of operation.

A solid victory!
Owner's reply


Have fun, no spam! :-)

byGJSchaller, January 17, 2012
Qlue Custom 404
Easy to use, no issues installing or configuring. Support has been responsive to requests for additional help / features.
byGJSchaller, May 13, 2011
Qlue Broken Link Checker
I manage an extensive online rulebook for a gaming system, with heavy cross-linking within the documentation. Needless to say, broken links are a regular problem for me.

This extension helped me locate a ton of broken links I was not able to find on my own, and saved me the frustration of having my users find them for me. Along with DB Replacer, I was able to quickly and efficiently mass-replace broken links with working ones, or otherwise fix them.

The only problem I've had is with some links that were SEO enabled, that did not get picked up - the author responded to a support request in a very timely fashion, and is currently working on a fix. The level of support offered makes this issue a non-issue to me.
byGJSchaller, October 29, 2009
JFusion has been a blessing - it's an excellent product, that has multiple uses. Instead of needing a separate component for SMF and Gallery2, I can just use one. Also, it's well supported, unlike some older bridges that have fallen by the wayside.