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byGMan10, August 6, 2010
This really is a great component, it's not a Form Maker but an Application Builder.

The tutorials make it easy to start so setting up a form and displaying the data is simple. Customising the look and feel is also possible and not really difficult as there's always help at hand.

This is not a component to grab and quickly make a form there are easier component available for that sort of task, If you want to build an application, save and retrieve data and display your data without compromising then this is the one.

There is a wiki,forum and tutorials but unfortunately finding answers in the forum is just tedious, the wiki is very interesting but if you need to find an answer to a specific question then you'll probably have to repeat the question in the forum. The support is great and they work hard but it would probably be a lot better if answers could be found.

It's definately recommendable to get the Bronze Support which is money well spent and not at all expensive, not sure how good the free support is as after installing and going through the first tutorial I knew it was worth paying for.

Thanks for a great component
byGMan10, August 6, 2010
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I just love this component, there seems to be quite a bit of negative feedback from other reviews and the users probably had good cause, my experience is only positive.

The component is easy to use and lets you place cb fields tabs and menus all over the place, the support has been good up to now and i'm sure if they can help they will. The answers they give are short but to the point.

There is a starter tutorial to get the ball rolling which is great but there could be more documentation to help make the custom profile look and feel how the user imagined.

Thanks for a great component