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byGPixels, July 22, 2013
Admin Tools Professional can never be too careful with things out there on the net and because I run a members website, I needed something good for securing everything, and I decided to go for the AdminTools Professional version and it's worth the price which is quite reasonable considering the work Nicholas has put into his extensions, especially this one. Support is top notch and documentation is also. If you are running a business site, and with members, this one you cannot go wrong with.
byGPixels, February 16, 2012
Nice PayPal Downloads
I have no problem in giving 5 stars here because to be honest, this is in my list of top 5 extensions. It's easy to setup, use, and I have had no major problem since I started using this last year. I needed something simple for my theme & template website and tried at least 4 other extensions over a span of 3 years, but I went for this one. My big feature needed was to give customers an easy way to re-download templates they purchased for when I have updates. Setup documentation is easy to follow and most of all, support was fast for me, even though it was just a general question, the developer came through 100%.
byGPixels, December 27, 2011
Documents Seller
For my site I needed the ability for the end-user to download updates to their templates and to basically have a good solid document extension with a paid feature. I used on other which was very good but then found Documents Seller and I have to say this is definitely worth having for any serious business site. Overall, it was easy enough to install and configure and didn't take me very long. I only had one issue but it wasn't critical as it was just the order dates were not cooperating visually, but support was quick and solved it. With any extension, support is very important and Tuan was great and fixed it in a very quick time frame. Overall, this extension is tops in my view.
byGPixels, May 23, 2011
SP Thumbnail
I'm glad more extensions are coming available for Joomla 1.6, including one for article images like this one. I have to say that this was a surprise and installed it to test this plugin and worked right from the start with very simple settings. Overall, this works great for anyone just wanting a basic popup view of any images, and with the ability to include all or select images with a class, is definitely a plus.

The only thing I discovered that I hope will follow up in a future release is the ability to to add more than one class to the image without having to do this to the plugin settings, like: class1 class2

Right now I cannot add two classes to an image from the content editor (eg: JCE editor) unless these two classes are added to the plugin settings for the class option as well. Adding just class2 in the plugin settings won't work if I add another class from my content editor. It would be great if whatever class is set in the plugin can append to any other class I apply to the image (like align-left, align-right, etc).

Overall, it's still a great plugin.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments. We will see if it's possible to add this functionality.