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byGT35M, August 8, 2014
I liked the demo so I installed the component on a clean Joomla! 3.3.3 site - what a mistake that was!!

BE WARNED: There is NO support whatsoever for the free version. You can view questions in the forum, but you cannot see the answers (if they are answered!) without a subscription.

This would not be a problem if the extension works straight out the box, but it doesn't!!

These are some of the major problems I have found;

1) Cannot create a new slider - the button is missing!!

2) Even though it says changes are saved, they are not.

3) Cannot delete layers, the only one you can delete is the one you've just created. Selecting a layer and clicking the dustbin does nothing.

4) Couldn't uninstall the component either due to a manifest file missing, so had to restore my site from a backup.

So, in summary... if you want an extension which doesn't work, cannot uninstall or get support for, then this is for you. It had promise, but the execution is poor.
Owner's reply

A1) Cannot create a new slider - the button is missing!!

R1) This is a logic we followed the Joomla article creation guide, where you will need to create a New Category before adding new slide to the component, but we will fix this in the future version where the category will be included.
A2) Even though it says changes are saved, they are not.

R2) Sorry if you have trouble using YESlider, can you give me some insight on how this happen, we are here to help. Even the forum is for support subscription customer only, you can reach me at or our lead programmer
A3) Cannot delete layers, the only one you can delete is the one you've just created. Selecting a layer and clicking the dustbin does nothing.

R3) If you can contact me and give me access to the back panel, and we can have a look and quickly fix it for you. And sorry if you are having trouble with the slider. But we don't see the problem you are having, can we know what browser and platform are you using?
A4) Couldn't uninstall the component either due to a manifest file missing, so had to restore my site from a backup.

R4) We had tried to uninstall in our local and dev site, but both seems working, maybe some file is missing during download or upload? We will have to have a closer look, if you can give us some access we can help you with the fix.

byGT35M, August 1, 2014
I could not use all the functions of the extension (Print Screen) due to a "do you want to access the clipboard" message every time a page loaded.

I contacted support for help, but have received no reply. Will be uninstalling the extension which is a shame because the principle is great.
byGT35M, March 1, 2014
Inceptive Text Rotator
I needed an extension to create a global welcome for the website I'm currently building, and found this little gem!

It does exactly what is says on the tin. I had the extension installed and working on J3.2.2 within 10 minutes. The editor 'button' is a nice touch which makes entering the string very easy.

I did have a small problem with the extension (which turned out to be a spelling mistake on their website) but a quick email to the Support Team resolved the problem.

I received a very professional and courteous reply from Konstantinos within a couple of hours of emailing. Can't ask for better than that!

This is a nice little gem of an extension!
byGT35M, February 22, 2014
Site Countdown
I needed this extension for my Forum so users knew how long they had left to post.

Installation was easy and trouble free on J!3.2.2, but I did have a problem with one of the digits not being aligned properly.

Within 20 minutes of contacting the support team, they sent me a 'fix' which has sorted the problem. Excellent all round - recommended!!
byGT35M, February 12, 2014
Freestyle Testimonials
I needed a Testimonial function for my new website, and this extension fits the bill perfectly.

The extension was easy to install and configure. I ran into a small problem, posted the issue on their website and I had a solution from Adam within an hour - can't say better than that for a FREE extension!
byGT35M, February 4, 2014
SP Smart Slider
I was, at first, glad to have found this extension for a recent project.

However, I soon found getting the extension to work was very hit and miss, try it on a non a joomshaper template and you will all kinds of problems.

Support is very patchy, with most replies being along the lines of "try another template" when reporting problems.

This could be a great extension - if the developers put the time and effort in fix the 'bugs'. A great shame.
byGT35M, January 22, 2014
Delete My Account
I have been looking for an extension like this for a long time. This does exactly what it says on the tin!

The extension was very easy to install and configure on J! 3.2.1 and I had it up and running in minutes.

Support is First Class as well. I ran into a problem changing the text in the 'Are you Sure?' dialog message, so popped the question on their website and it was answered in minutes. Excellent.
Owner's reply


Thank you so much for appreciating us.


byGT35M, January 11, 2014
B2J Contact
Thank you B2J for this great extension. I installed and configured it in minutes on J3.2.1 without any issues.

Forms looks great as well, and this is free? - I highly recommend, and is one of the best, if not THE BEST one I've used!!
byGT35M, December 14, 2013
Nice User Info Lite
Installed and configured in minutes, and works as described without any conflicts or trouble.

Thanks for a great extension... Excellent!
byGT35M, November 24, 2013
NOO Ticker
PROS: The extension was easy to install and configure - but that's where it ends.

CONS: Raised ticket to report a problem, but was told after 2 days that ticket's are for 'commercial' products only, and have to use the 'forum' - this isn't mentioned in the JED description!

Raised post on Forum as suggested, and after two days, I am still waiting for a response.

RECOMMEND: No. I've now uninstalled it because there's no point if it doesn't work properly!
Owner's reply

Why did you not check forum? We have a Topic for the extension there.

You've submitted a ticket on holiday. So we couldn't answer you soon.

Thank you.

byGT35M, November 1, 2013
Lazy Load for Joomla!
Installed on my J!3.1.5 site without any problems.

Just remember to clear the cache, and if you use a CDN, to 'repurge' the pages or you might get some strange results.

But overall, an excellent extension!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byGT35M, October 31, 2013
Been looking for an extension like this for ages, and now have found one!

Installed perfectly on J!3.1.5 and following the instructions to swap / show / hide 'login' and 'logout' buttons was easy.

Great Extension - Thank you!
byGT35M, October 8, 2013
A very easy extension to use, but gives professional results!

I had a problem with '>' appearing above the tabs, but a quick post in the 'forum' and Peter had it solved within a few hours. Excellent!
byGT35M, September 26, 2013
jQuery Easy
This extension is a must for any Joomla! site. It has saved me many an hour trawling forums for answers to conflicts. Just enable and away you go. Yes, it's that simple!
Owner's reply

Thank you, I appreciate your review!

byGT35M, August 21, 2013
Freestyle FAQs
Excellent extension which I got working on my J2.5.14 site within minutes. So many options for displaying and listing your FAQs. Keep up the good work - I'll say it again -excellent!!
byGT35M, August 14, 2013
Couldn't get it to work properly on 2.5.14. No response from forum. uninstalled.
Owner's reply

A new version has been released to work with Joomla 2.5 and 3+. All bugs have been fixed.

byGT35M, August 9, 2013
Starlite Notification Bar
I downloaded this extension to use as a notification banner for my website.

I came across a problem and emailed Support, Rajesh was very quick to respond and very professional throughout.

It's transpired that the problem was with me not reading the options properly and nothing to do with the extension - boy, do I feel a wally!

Truly recommended extension!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review.

byGT35M, August 7, 2013
Very simple, but affective and easy to use and implement extension.

Totally agree with the other reviewer about changing the 'keywords' this is a little gem and deserves a lot more coverage, and so glad I found it!
byGT35M, August 6, 2013
It was simple to get working - Downloaded, Installed, Enabled and decided where I wanted to show the popup messages, and it just worked - excellent!
byGT35M, February 26, 2013
osTicky (osTicket Bridge)
This is an excellent extension for getting OSTicket functionality into Joomla!

Very easy to install, setup, and connects seamlessly to your OSTicket installation.

Support is second to none, truly excellent! - I had a slight problem with layout so I raised a ticket. Alex replied within hours to offer a detailed solution including the file and field to amend.

I thoroughly recommend this extension!
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