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byGTWillemsen, September 4, 2008
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Phoca Gallery
Looking for a gallery for joomla, but do not want to setup an external gallery?
Or want a easy to manage, simple to set up gallery which integrates fully in joomla?

Then this Phoca Gallery solution is really something to spent a few minutes on to test.

A few minutes is enough to download, install, set it up and have it running! Very easy to understand and manage.

Looks very nice, professional and stable.

It's possible to alter the looks and appearance to suit your needs.

I am satisfied and convinced this is a quality gallery for joomla, which you at least should consider before making an (other) decision.
byGTWillemsen, December 24, 2006
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Since the last upgrade, the virtuemart shop convinced me that this really is the shopping cart solution to use.

Use it for a while now and it is stable, and easy to handle.
Offcourse it is still a wok in progress and always can be improved,.. but what isn't?

For downloads only, or for products which needs to be shipped, this shop is a great solution. It's easy to handle and needs almost no explanation for the shop holder.

For multi lingual and/or international shops... I don't know if this is what you should use. But as long as you use 1 language and a differsity of shipping- and payingmethods, this does the job.
It can't be compared to OSCommerce, yet, since it's much younger, and new features regularly come out. And Virtuemart has an integrated CMS solution which OSCommerce can't offer, the strength of Joomla!

At the end the best plus for me and most joomla users is the seamless integration with our favorite CMS.
byGTWillemsen, June 30, 2006
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Community Builder
Respect for the developers!

Great usermanagement tool, adds a lot of extended capability, very userfriendly, and a lot potential!

In development are some great (already (stable) working) plugins like for phpbb forum and galleries etc.
Takes over the usermanagement from joomla without affecting anything, cooperating perfectly.

Extend your user profiles, users can easily edit them theirselves. If preferred optional fields keep oversight of actions under userprofiles (like users' articles, posts, etc).
Adds a manageable memberlist. Easy to define extra tabs with info about the user like; a curriculum vitea; car-details; company info; software info; etc. etc.

I definitly would recommend it, especially for those who want to have more specialized usermanagement!
Cheer, compliments!