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byGTvB, September 14, 2013
This extension works great after installation. I asked the support for Community Builder integration and within 3 hours it has been managed (on Saturday). Very customer friendly support.
JoomSport Pro
I bought JoomSport Pro 4 month ago and tried to run it for a soccer club with 11 teams. I spent hundreds of hours writing bug reports and finding system designs errors. You can delegate managing teams to team moderators and managing seasons to season admin. That’s what is suggested on the developers website. You don’t get detailed documentation, only the marketing presentation – called documentation --- on the developers website, saying nothing about the functionality of the system. After 4 month its clear to me why you don’t get any documentation : Nobody would spent any money for this component, because it’s not working as expected and/or advertised. I want to give you 2 examples: A so called season admin should be able to manage the objects in the season, he was set for. But the season admin cannot pick existing teams to his new season. He always has to create new teams, what will lead to tons of duplicate teams. A season admin cannot disconnect a team from his season, he is only able to delete a team, with the result, that he also deletes all matches, match and player statistics of this team, not only for his season but for all seasons, that the team was part of. When you discuss this functionality with the supporter, you will get the answer : This is JoomSport functionality and if you don’t like it, switch it of.

So if you like endless discussions about obvious bugs and misdesigns, duplicates rows in your database, unwanted mass deletion of historic data, frustrated season admins, comedy like answers in their forums, no forum reaction between Friday evening and Monday evening and if you have no hobby and tons of time to discuss evidential basics … buy this component … you will have all of this garanteed for the next years.

I waited 4 month to write a review, because I thought, the component would become better ….
Owner's reply

Hello GTvB,

Thank you, for your negative response!
Well... a lot to think both for now and for future development.

We will try our best to help you on all ongoing issues on forum and through personal emails.
Thank you for being active exploring our component and helping us to make it better.