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byGUIGUISAN, September 12, 2014
Fast, powerfull and well coded.
Now Mioseo is one of the best seo solution for joomla and in futur, i think it will be THE BEST SEO SOLUTION.
+1 for the great cobalt cck integration
byGUIGUISAN, August 19, 2014
Centrora Security
i like this concept, it seems really powerfull. now i think it could become the BEST joomla security solution
byGUIGUISAN, August 9, 2014
Too Many Files
i think the developper is going to remember me (the guy who has the plenty of plugins in his joomla installation). The Toomany files plugin is excellent , it does a better job than the others and mainly the developper has do a amazing work while others have never succeeded. This plugin should be in each joomla installation.Thank you
Thank you
byGUIGUISAN, May 26, 2014
NS Error 404 Control
if you have an important business website, you will need this plugin, it is a must have to secure your joomla website
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review!


byGUIGUISAN, February 4, 2014
code is clean and very professionnal. module itself is very powerfull a responsive version would be great but currently module is perfect
byGUIGUISAN, January 24, 2014
Custom Sidetabs
excellent extension, very great work
it is really usefull for many projetcs
thank you
byGUIGUISAN, January 17, 2014
yes why looking for others modules panel, SLIDEBAR is perfect
a very good work from this developper, very powerfull and very usefull
thank you
byGUIGUISAN, January 16, 2014
Comcure Automatic Offsite Backup
for sure a must have for many websites
if you have importants data, you will need this service
byGUIGUISAN, January 16, 2014
Code 7 Slide Down Drawer
This module does a perfect job and it is one of rare module panel to be responsive. great work
thank you very much
byGUIGUISAN, January 13, 2014
Optimized Campaign
i love this module, i can do many things with it. Great for marketing
thank you a lot
Owner's reply


Thanks alot for your nice review :)

We are really glad that our module helped you.

Optimized Sense Team.

byGUIGUISAN, January 10, 2014
ProJoom Multi Rotator
recently i had a problem with projoom multi rotator, support was perfect and very professionnal
this product is very good and for sure i will purchase others projoom's products
byGUIGUISAN, January 4, 2014
Toolbar JT1
very good work and very profesionnal extension
thank you very much
Owner's reply

Thanks for review

byGUIGUISAN, October 30, 2013
Fancy Links
always great tools from Buyanov Danila
i love the work, clean, fast and powerfull
thank you
byGUIGUISAN, October 4, 2013
Advanced FAQ App For Cobalt
i like this app, fresh, clean with many possibilities
i' will test the others apps from the author
thank you
Owner's reply

Thanks, you are welcome.

byGUIGUISAN, September 24, 2013
Hide Block
i like this extension, very powerfull and usefull for many project
thank to this extension, we can do everything we want
byGUIGUISAN, September 11, 2013
JLSecure My Site
after several log attacks, this plugin has protected my website
Thank you very much
byGUIGUISAN, August 14, 2013
Super Splash
this module is very powerfull, it is the next generation of module panel.
thank you for this work
byGUIGUISAN, August 3, 2013
powerfull and very flexible
we can manage meta data very easy and the cobalt cck integration work fine
thank you
byGUIGUISAN, June 27, 2013
JS Plant
great plugin, improve my website page speed, thank you
byGUIGUISAN, June 26, 2013
Perfect extension !!! specialist in seo, i was not really happy with easyblog, then i dreamt to use wordpress IN joomla
WP4J does an amazing work, the best wordpress features (seo, some plugins, etc) now in joomla
thank you for this work
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