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File Listing for DOCman
Great extension. Easy to use (once you figure it out!), flexible and gives a useful "other" view of your documents, compared with DOCman itself.

I purchased it originally only because I required that the file date and time stamp be displayed rather than the date the document was set up in DOCman (we have customer files uploaded on an hourly basis from our database which overwrite the original file and the timestamp information is critical. This is a function that doesn't appear to be available anywhere else, despite hours of searching for it (why ever not, one wonders?)!

Imagine my dismay when I installed only to find that it did indeed display the file date, but not the time. So, I contacted Omar. He responded within 5 mins and committed to an immediate unsupported fix, or an official one with the next release in a few days.

Well, that next release is here and it works!! That's service excellence! Thanks, Omar.